Dems Predict Biden Will Run

Democrat Party insiders and strategists increasingly believe Vice President Joe Biden will enter the fray for the party’s nomination in the coming weeks as all signs continue to point to that end.

Steve Schale, a strategist who helped deliver Florida for Obama in both elections, has signed on with the Draft Biden Super PAC.

He joins an operation that already boasts as many as five paid staffers in every early primary state in what some believe to be a telegraph of Biden’s private intentions.

The latest CNN poll released yesterday showed an uptick in Hillary Clinton’s lead nationally over Bernie Sanders, but it also showed her numbers increasing significantly when Biden is taken out to the mix.

The results suggest that Biden’s presence in the campaign would take a large slice out of Hillary’s supporter base.

Exactly how large that slice might be is the question that remains to be answered, but his potential role in first Democrat debate next month could demonstrate how really vulnerable Hillary is.