Bernie Sanders Owns New Hampshire

Hillary Clinton continues the push to remake her image as “real” and “authentic” amid on the ongoing slide in the polls due in large part to the email server scandal.

In New Hampshire last week, Hillary made a key stop at the University of New Hampshire in hopes of exciting younger voters in a bid to recapture her lead in the second primary state.

But on Sunday, Bernie Sanders staged his own stop at exactly the same place in which boldly revealed to the crowd of roughly 3,000 “You may not know this, but what you’re part of tonight is the largest turnout for any presidential candidate in New Hampshire.”

The event served as yet another public blow to Hillary’s image as Democrat frontrunner after her event pulled only 600 attendees, one-fifth as many as Sanders.

The “enthusiasm factor” in politics is arguably the most critical element in terms of voter turnout in primaries and is cited more often than any other contributor to the success of victors in an election.