Scott Walker Tries to Reassure Donors about His Chances

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images via

Scott Walker is once again trying to reassure donors of his campaign’s viability, The Hill reports.

Following what the consensus analysis considered a lackluster performance in Wednesday night’s CNN Republican debate, Walker is likely to continue to face stagnate or declining poll numbers for the near future.

From The Hill:

One of Walker’s donors, Minnesota billionaire and broadcaster Stanley Hubbard, said he intended to have a conversation with Walker soon, adding he would advise him on getting his campaign back on track.
“I’ve been in the TV business for a long time,” Hubbard said. “You might have four or five potential anchors … and you give them the same script to read. And for some reason, people think, ‘Oh that guy’s terrific.’ And Walker says the right things, he’s proven what he can do, but I come to work, I hear my wife, and they’re not excited about what he did last night.

This isn’t the first time in the past couple of weeks that the Wisconsin governor has tried to convince his donors that his run for the nomination is still worth backing. Additionally, he offered some bold reform ideas on unions that seemed calculated to reignite his campaign.

Still, he chose not to attend this weekend’s Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference in Michigan – the first major event in the presidential race after this week’s debate – and he has not been polling well in neighboring Iowa, a state he must do well in.

Walker’s Real Clear Politics average nationally is 3%, putting him in tenth. It remains to be seen how those numbers might change post-debate or what his next attempt to bring his campaign back to life might be.