Disgusting: Planned Parenthood’s South Carolina Office Sent Babies To Landfill, Faces Possible Shutdown

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley is cracking down on Planned Parenthood. Here, she is pictured with her family at her second inauguration. (Photo via Nikki Haley for Governor)

South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley has announced the results of an investigation into the state’s three abortion clinics, and the Governor says they are in violation of state law. Two had their licenses suspended and face fines — they will be shut down if they don’t comply with legal requirements by September 28th.

One of the two facing closure is Planned Parenthood’s Columbia location. Planned Parenthood violated numerous state laws, including not even waiting an hour from the time of an ultrasound to perform an abortion as well as tossing dead babies in a landfill after abortions.

According to The Post and Courrier:

The violations cited at both places include incomplete records, performing an abortion sooner than 60 minutes after an ultrasound and not properly disposing of aborted fetuses. According to manifests, the fetuses were sterilized with steam and taken to a landfill, rather than incinerated or buried as required by law.

The Columbia clinic was cited for 21 violations and the Greenville clinic for six. Planned Parenthood’s additional citations include having expired medicine and storing sterile and nonsterile gloves together. The orders require Planned Parenthood to pay a $7,500 penalty and the Greenville Women’s Clinic to pay $2,750.

Both facilities have until Sept. 28 to come into compliance or they will be shut down. The Charleston Women’s Medical Clinic in West Ashley had four minor violations that were documentation errors.

DHEC’s findings were turned over to the State Law Enforcement Division and the state attorney general for possible criminal charges.