Scott Walker Says He’s Still Viable

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Presidential campaigns are long ordeals. It’s far too early to say in most cases who does and does not have a shot at the nomination.

Still Scott Walker has gone from being one of the front-runners to the bottom of the top-ten. Now he’s trying convince voters he’s still viable.

The Washington Post writes this of his two-day Labor Day tour:

He talked about former front-runners who never became president. He compared competing in the presidential race to running a half-mile track event in high school, sticking with the pack until the finish line is close. He also likened his strategy to skeet shooting, aiming the gun at the spot in the sky where the clay pigeon is headed, not where it already is. And he said the national media has been focused on the wrong issues, glorifying the wrong candidates and twisting his words.

We’ll see if his pitch proves convincing.

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