Hillary “Sorry” for “Mistake” in Use of Private Email Server

After roughly half a year of a losing battle with the ongoing Servergate scandal, Team Hillary appears to recognized that the only option left for pulling up on the stick of the nosediving polls is to offer a mea culpa.

Hillary sat for an interview with ABC News’ David Muir in which she admits that use of a private email address for State Department work was “a mistake” for which she is “sorry”.

But critics are already pouncing on the move as a faux apology pointing out that there’s a big difference between essentially couching the use of the address as a misstep and calling it “wrong” in a moral sense.

That the admission of misjudgment could slow her decline in the polls may be a fix already undone should her aide, Bryan Pagliano, choose to offer testimony in the ongoing investigation.

After pleading the fifth last week, Sens. Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson, both heading independent Senate investigations, have offered Pagliano immunity in exchange for information about Hillary’s email practices.

Should he choose to accept the offer, the resultant information could refuel the fire of calls for criminal investigation directly of Hillary, and the possibility of an indictment would almost certainly seal her fate in the race for the White House.