Poll: Biden Powers Passed Sanders

Monmouth University’s latest poll released Tuesday provided the greatest boost to-date to the argument that Vice President Joe Biden should enter the race for the Democrat nomination.

The national poll of Democrat and Democrat-leaning voters shows Hillary dropping to a new low of 42% while Biden has picked up support of 22% of respondents.

What’s more, Biden appears to have leap-frogged Sen. Bernie Sanders who is holding a firm position at 20% support.

Most stark among the numbers is that Hillary’s support in the same poll only 30 days ago stood at 52%.

The good news for Biden was matched by a favorability rating of 71%, and the polling questions indicated that more support would move his direction should he officially announce.

When the marginal numbers for Martin O’Malley and Jim Webb are added, the poll marks the first time in the race that the aggregate support for candidates other than Hillary was greater than support for her candidacy.