Tough Decisions Ahead for Wasserman Schultz

Alex Wong/Getty Images

The Hill’s Mike Lillis reports that DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz has a tough decision ahead of her on at least two issues.

The first involves the controversy over the debate schedule for the Democratic Primary. Both Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley have taken to criticizing it as having too few debates, O’Malley even going as far as to call for a protest of the DNC.

Only six debates have been scheduled – half as many as Republicans have – and the schedule only appeared at the last minute. The implication is that Democratic Party leaders are trying to boost Hillary Clinton’s chances for a coronation after long last.

Wasserman Schultz cannot appear to bend to the demands of party leaders in opposition to the desires of the Democratic base or rig the process.

On the Iran nuclear deal as well, she is between a rock and a hard place. By backing her president in support of agreement, Wasserman Schultz risks alienating Jewish Democrats in Florida who make up at least 15 percent of her constituency.

The story goes on to note:

Recent polls show that Florida voters also strongly oppose the deal, and several Florida Democrats have already said they’ll vote against it when the Republicans bring a disapproval measure to the floor this month.

In the past, she has backed the Israeli lobby in Washington, but doing so this time puts her at odds with Obama and the vast majority of the Democratic Party, who are in need of unity.

And again, the party appears divided over the debate schedule. As DNC chairwoman, Wasserman Schultz will have to try to find a way to appease all interests on both issues or put her party in a weak position versus Republicans.