Polls Show Voters Want Outsiders

According to Quinnipiac’s latest survey released on Monday, a full 71% of Americans are unhappy with the direction in which the country is headed. What’s more, a mere 26% said they were “somewhat satisfied”.

When asked about their sentiments on the federal government, 76% of respondents indicated either ‘dissatisfaction’ or ‘anger’.

The supermajority of negative opinion about the national leaders is being seen as the latest among temperature gauges that show Americans, perhaps more than ever, are looking to an outsider to bring fresh perspective to Washington.

The poll comported with a Bloomberg survey which showed Democrat at 82% and Republicans at 91% in Iowa who ranged from “unsatisfied” to “mad as hell”.

The twin polls are the latest to offer scientific evidence to the quixotic catapult in support both for Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders in which the respective parties’ standard bearers continue to fall to the margins.

They simply reiterate the logical conclusions of the latest Monmouth University poll showing three candidates who have never held office – Trump, Carson and Fiorina – running first, second and third.