New Release of Hillary Emails Reveals More Classified Information

On Monday the State Department released its latest (and largest) tranche of Clinton emails in keeping with a court’s order mandating a monthly release.

The previous release last month fell short of the court’s mandate, thus the more than 7,000 pages that made of yesterday’s release was a sort of catch up to avoid further court demands.

In this latest tranche it was revealed that at least 125 emails were deemed by the State Department to be classified.

Prior to releasing the full tranche, the department redacted small portions in some cases and entire emails in others based on the sensitive information contained in them.

The State Department’s spokesman Mark Toner detailed that after a thorough review by the agency, these emails had been “subsequently upgraded” implying that the sensitivity of the information in them was unclear beforehand.

However, the reality of classified information being conveyed via Hillary’s private server in the messages underscored the question that continues to dog her beleaguered campaign: how could someone with a unique presidential-level of top secret access not recognize which information should be regarded as sensitive?