Carson Ties Trump in Iowa, Fiorina Running Third

Carson Ties Trump in Iowa, Fiorina Running Third

On the heels of our story this morning that Ben Carson is close behind Donald Trump in Iowa according to a Bloomberg Politics/Des Moines Register poll, another poll from Monmouth University shows Carson in a tie with Trump for first.

Both candidates are at 23%, the results show. According to the release, “this marks the first time since July 26 that a poll in any of the first four nominating states has not shown Trump with a nominal lead.” While Trump gained 10 points in the past month, Carson jumped 15 to tie for the lead.

Scott Walker, on the other hand, went from a solid 9-point lead, to single-digits – also a 15-point drop. His backers are looking for a return to the pre-candidate Governor Walker that generated so much buzz.

The good news for Walker, however, is that his favorability is solid, tied with Marco Rubio’s for third highest at 64%. He could be a fallback candidate if those ahead of him stumble.

Besides Trump and Carson, the biggest gains were by Carly Fiorina, who went from only 3% in the poll to 10%. She is now in third in Iowa, where she has found herself in some polls in New Hampshire recently.

This latest poll indicates two things: first, that there are alternatives to a surging Trump that appeal to voters.

Second, with Trump, Carson and Fiorina running 1-2-3, voters are very interested in electing someone with an outsider image. Candidates who can believably cultivate that image more should consider doing so.



  1. If America Elects (In any order) Ben Carson, Carly Fiorino, Donald Trump (put In alphabetical order) to show no preference. If This Happens America has a good shot at becoming what
    we were , A great Country.Proud and Brave. Next time around gradualy STOP all hand outs
    here and abroad. We must concentrate on building our Country up once again. And let No One apologize for us, they should do that for themselves and you know who they are.
    Out with the life time politicians and in Fresh Americans with smarts and brains that owe no one anything .
    That should do It.It will not be over night,

  2. Carson is a good man but, very wishy washy on amnesty, guns and using aborted fetal tissue for vaccines. Carly is smart but, extremely dumb when it comes to ISIS and history of Islam. Most of the others are Rino’s except Cruz and Walker and Walker has flip flopped on amnesty since he began his campaign. I would vote Trump/Cruz or Cruz/Trump, Carson for Surgeon General.

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