Hillary to Biden: Game On!

Hillary Clinton summoned key donors to a New York confab this week after suspending her vacation amid internal concerns about the precipitous slide in her polling numbers.

As new revelations in the ongoing email server investigation bring forth fresh controversy almost daily, Hillary’s one-time inevitability now has supporters wondering whether she can survive until the Iowa Caucuses.

That concern has fueled speculation that Vice President Joe Biden will enter the race next month as his surrogates continue to quietly rally donors and campaign operatives in Iowa and elsewhere.

The threat escalated over the weekend on the heels of key meetings between Biden and Sen. Elizabeth Warren and President Obama, respectively, in which the rumors are that he was given a green light for a run.

Team Hillary began scrambling early this week to shore up sentiments among supporters with a preemptive attack from surrogate NY Assemblywoman Deborah Glick who tweeted a shot across Biden’s bow with a reference to his Senate record.

Meanwhile, a new Public Policy Polling survey released Monday showed Hillary losing to Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire for the first time in the race with 42% to her 35%.

Perhaps more threatening is that Sanders is seen favorably by 78% of voters with a mere 12% unfavorable rating, this compared to Hillary’s 63/25 split.