Sarah Palin: Rand Paul “Bringing His Bold Message” to Alaska

Sarah Palin was one of the first to endorse Rand Paul in his run for Senate in 2010. Today, she’s spreading the word that he will be in her home state of Alaska tomorrow morning. (Our readers in Alaska can find the event information here.)

On Facebook, she posts that Rand is “bringing his bold message and plan to ‘Defeat the Washington Machine’ right to Anchorage.”

Palin goes on to mention that many Alaskans have a “libertarian streak,” thereby tacitly noting that Rand could do well there in the presidential primary caucus.

Though Palin has not thrown her influence behind any Republican candidate yet, Breitbart did report early on that Paul was one of her top choices because she appreciated the fact that he has “fought for America.” (Without a doubt, she prefers him to Chris Christie.)

Concluding with her signature Alaskan hospitality, she tells Rand she hopes he has “time for some moose chili or eskimo ice cream.” Sarah herself will be guest hosting “On Point” in the One American News Network at the time.