Perry Campaign Looks Close to Collapse

Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s months-long drought in the race for the GOP nomination continues to show signs of potential collapse ahead of the second debate.

Having been unable to pull enough support to squeeze into the top tier for the primetime debate, Perry was relegated to the ‘happy hour’ debate wherein he was upstaged by Carly Fiorina.

Worse, just days prior to the debate, there were rumors circulating that his campaign was struggling to pay staff members in Iowa, the first primary state.

Tuesday morning, those rumors were confirmed as Sam Clovis, Perry’s Iowa Chairman, stepped down from his role in the campaign citing lack of pay.

Perry remains publicly committed to pressing through the challenges until at least the South Carolina primary, the third among the first-in-the-nation contests.

But Perry’s consistent 1% in Iowa and lackluster showing in the other early primary states has many wondering whether he will last the remaining five months until the primaries begin.