New Hampshire Dems Hesitate to Endorse Hillary, Liberals Look to Warren

Warren photo by AFGE

Hillary Clinton had another bad week last week, in terms of both her polling numbers and the email server scandal – so much so that Conservative Intel recapped the whole thing in a story on Friday. Earlier today, David Freddoso’s Briefing focused on how she is “feeling the Bern” – feeling the pressure from Bernie Sanders.

While we on the Right are gleefully watching Hillary crash and burn, Democrats range somewhere between worry and full-panic-mode – and some are looking for a way to salvage this presidential election cycle.

In New Hampshire, The Washington Times reports, leading Democrats are loath to endorse Hillary’s coronation. Governor Maggie Hassan and Representative Ann Custer have not backed her. Senator Jeanne Shaheen and State Senator Lou D’Allesandro have tacitly supported her – the former writing a letter of support in 2013 – but neither has made an official endorsement.

Of course, this is no surprise considering how well Bernie Sanders has performed in polls of New Hampshire primary voters.

Party chair John White is staying neutral, but he did note, “There are people who now seriously doubt that Hillary is going to take the New Hampshire primary, and they want to be in good shape with the winner.”

The problem for Sanders is that he is only polling in single-digits with the African-American voters he needs to form a coalition that can beat Hillary in the primary – the Democratic Party needs to win the presidency (though he is trying to court them.)

This is why there is talk of Joe Biden possibly entering the race, which David talked about in this morning’s Briefing. There are also those who still want Elizabeth Warren to make a late entry into the race, according to The Hill.

Taking into account how surprisingly well Bernie Sanders has fared so far, Warren fans point out that she has better name recognition. Also, she is reliably anti-Wall Street and farther to the left than Hillary, so the liberal exodus from the Clinton bandwagon needs not sacrifice its lunatic principles.

Biden reportedly met with Warren on Friday. Is he trying to put together a potent Biden-Warren campaign? Is he making sure there is room in the field and that she really isn’t going to run, as she has so far insisted?

There are still a lot of things that are up in the air in the Democratic primary. What is certain is that some on the Left just don’t like Hillary and that makes others on the Left nervous. She needs to right the ship soon if she wants to maintain her advantage.