Biden Nears Run, Meets with Warren

Warren picture by Edward Kimmel

As Hillary Clinton continues to tumble in the polls and key donors in New Hampshire withhold public endorsements, Vice President Joe Biden appears to be closer to announcing a bid.

Having returned to his Delaware home from a South Carolina vacation, Biden continued gaming out a campaign launch scenario with advisers last week.

The week ended with a surprise confab in DC with Sen. Elizabeth Warren, arguably the strongest sign that a decision could be near.

Campaign advisers are telling Biden he will have to raise at least $5 million in hard money very quickly in order to compete in the early primary contests.

However daunting that may be, the task could be increasingly workable should Hillary’s slide in the polls continue downward to the lower 40s as many expect.

And the most recent Quinnipiac poll, Biden was shown to be more competitive than Hillary against GOP candidates in the key states of Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania.