Hillary’s IT Firm Based in Apartment

John Locher/AP

In a rare appearance before the imbedded media crew following Hillary Clinton’s campaign detail, Hillary fielded a myriad of questions surrounding the unfolding saga of the home-baked server scandal.

After rebuffing a number of pressing questions concerning the legality of its use, the vetting of her own emails for relevance and the hosting of classified information, Hillary reportedly walked away from the interview.

The questions were fueled by new reports within the last 24 hours that revealed the Denver-based IT company, Platte River Networks, was based out of a loft apartment in downtown Denver during the time in which it maintained Hillary’s home-based server.

Further, the servers run by the company were, according to former employees, housed in a bathroom closet of the apartment.

The revelation has fueled further concern among congressional leaders and DOJ investigators over the extent to which sensitive information may have been accessible by non-government personnel.

It further contradicts the argument offered by Team Hillary that no classified material was sent by her via email. That Hillary was among only 20 people listed by President Obama as having special classified status calls into question whether she should have known the level of sensitivity of her emails before they were designated by State Department staff as classified.