Sanders Overtakes Clinton in New Hampshire

Hillary Clinton’s campaign woes were double-edged this week with the release of a New Hampshire poll showing more bad news amid the email server scandal.

According to its most recent survey data, Franklin University/Boston Herald revealed that socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders now leads Hillary in the Granite State 44-37.

The poll marks the first time in the race that any candidate has surpassed Hillary, and as history has shown, the early primaries are what make or break a candidate’s future.

Worse for Hillary is that, while she still commands an 80% favorability rating among NH Democrats, only 35% say they are excited about her campaign while 51% they are not enthusiastic.

These numbers provide a darker undercurrent that often are obscured by more rosy approval ratings in national polls which remain consistently above 60%.

In terms of strict campaign strategy, a low floor for voter excitement translates to an inability to turn out supporters during the primary election, which largely explains why Hillary was unexpectedly defeated by Barack Obama in 2008.