Hillary to Turn Over Server

This week may go down in history as the worst so far in Hillary Clinton’s post-State Department life and potentially could be the beginning of the end to her formerly juggernaut White House campaign.

After weeks of continued escalation in the ongoing email server scandal which was upgraded most recently to criminal probe status by the Department of Justice, she has signaled defeat.

In recent days it was revealed that the FBI’s investigation has expanded to four of Hillary’s former aides and that her email archives included at least two emails deemed top secret, which run counter to her repeated claims of not having emailed any classified material.

In the face of mounting pressure, Hillary’s campaign admitted she is turning over the server to federal investigators who will search for additional classified information along with a review of encryption and security protocols.

Even if the investigation into her use of a private email server ultimately clears her of any criminal activity, the blow to Hillary’s public reputation may prove to be sufficient cause for a failed presidential bid.

Since her announcement earlier this year, her support among the Democrat base has steadily declined with no indications of a turn-around.