Fox New Announces Debate Top 10

Photo by Gage Skidmore

On Wednesday morning Fox News released the official list of invitees to the first GOP primary debate scheduled for Thursday evening in Ohio.

The final line-up includes all of the anticipated top-tier candidates along with two of the three candidates who were vying for last-place seats on the stage.

Over the last week, Govs. Chris Christie, John Kasich and Rick Perry, all tied within the margin of error, emerged as the contenders in a political game of musical chairs for two open seats.

According to Fox’s average of the five most recent national polls, Rick Perry came up with the short straw after Kasich’s last-minute announcement earned him a quick a bump in the polls with precisely the right timing.

Kasich’s calculations paid off and avoided what would have certainly been an embarrassing turn for his nascent campaign had he not qualified for the event hosted in his home state.