Perry Unloads on Trump

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Donald Trump continues taking friendly fire from multiple GOP camps this week with a landmark speech from Gov. Rick Perry this week in response to Trump’s suggestion that Perry is unintelligent.

Perry had previously called Trump a “cancer on conservatism” after his incendiary comments on immigration which catapulted him to the top of the news stack in recent weeks.

The firefight escalated this week when Trump tweeted a picture of Perry in his office reportedly asking for a campaign donation and support, a similar response he offered in the face of Sen. Lindsey Graham’s criticism.

Perry returned fire in a Red State op-ed calling for the party to reject the “empty calories of Trumpism” cautioning that Trump’s strategy is the modern-day equivalent of the “know-nothing movement”.

The latest national poll of the Republican field from Public Policy Polling suggests Trump may have lost a handful of points after his perceived attack on veterans.

Whether Perry’s renewed criticism of Trump’s bombast will parlay him from a back of the pack position into a spot on the debate stage remains to be seen.