Fallout Ensues From Minimum Wage Hikes

Photo by Fibonacci Blue

Economic laws cannot be circumvented, but that doesn’t mean liberals won’t continue to try.

East and west coast cities are running to jump on the bandwagon for the $15 minimum wage law that has been enacted recently by Seattle, LA and San Francisco with NYC soon to follow.

Though thought by some to be a boon for low-skilled employees, the policy has quickly seen unintended consequences for business owners and consumers.

Analysts point to the lack of decrease in public assistance as proof that the new minimum is not working as intended despite the increase in wages for those most likely to be on welfare rolls.

What’s worse, argue critics, consumers are seeing notable increases in the prices of everything as businesses attempt to absorb the higher cost of labor, and wait staff at restaurants in particular are actually seeing a decrease in income as patrons are refusing to tip on top of increased prices.

The other thing liberals never seem to grasp is the concept of unintended consequences.