Hillary Pushes New Economic Plan

Photo by Roger H. Goun

Hillary Clinton came out swinging Monday with an overview of her new economic agenda in which she took very specific shots at the top tier of the GOP field.

The plan, though not long on specifics, focuses on three pillars of economic advancement: “strong growth, fair growth and long-term growth” with key plays to traditional Democrat constituencies.

With specific mention of Jeb Bush’s “work longer hours” comments of last week, Hillary argued that American workers need raises not more work, hinting at an increase in the national minimum wage.

She also took a swipe at Marco Rubio’s proposed tax cuts arguing that it amounts to further enriching the wealthy at the expense of the federal budget.

Rounding out her critique of the GOP top-three, Hillary blasted Scott Walker for “stomping on workers’ rights” in his dismantling of public-sector collective bargaining in Wisconsin.

Republicans were quick to hit back, however. Bobby Jindal, for example, said the plan would take America down the path toward Greece.

Hillary’s new economic agenda faces an uphill battle for legitimacy, however, in that her opposition from the left in Bernie Sanders has already staked important ground in these areas.

Likewise, the air of hypocrisy is not lost on many voters who recall the Clinton Foundation having taken donations from many of the same corporations whom she argued have failed workers.