Trump Takes the Lead in North Carolina

Photo by Gage Skidmore

Real estate mogul Donald Trump’s star continues on the rise since his recent announcement for the White House, and it has party leaders concerned.

Just last week the RCP polling average began reporting Trump’s catapult to the number seven spot in the top tier of GOP contenders.

But that average hides the fact that his rise has gone in just a matter of two weeks from two points to as much as 12 points in more than one national poll.

And now the newest revelation from Public Opinion Polling has Trump leading all contenders in North Carolina with 16 points to Jeb Bush’s and Scott Walker’s tie at 12.

Yesterday it was reported that the RNC issued a mild rebuke to Trump requesting that he tone down the rhetoric on immigration which has earned him both praise among the hard right and criticism from the left.

That his firebrand tactics are winning him millions worth of free press and traction, it’s more likely progressive media executives will keep Trump front and center ahead of the August 6th debate in hopes that he will prove a stain on the party’s reputation with Hispanic voters.