Hillary Subpoena Released By Benghazi Committee

Hillary Clinton’s trials and travails from the twin scandals of email manipulation and the Benghazi debacle continued producing fruit this week, much to the dismay of her polling numbers.

Contrary to her claim in a recent interview that she has not been subpoenaed by the House Select Committee on Benghazi, a report was issued by the committee including the official subpoena letter sent to her attorney dated March 13th of this year.

Committee chairman Rep. Trey Gowdy promptly issued a letter explaining that the committee subpoenaed Hillary immediately after the use of her private email server became public news given that the correspondence from those addresses was not disclosed by the State Department during the committee’s investigations.

Hillary’s ongoing battle with controversy continues to eat away at her commanding lead among the Democrat field, points which Bernie Sanders and others are happily absorbing ahead of the unofficial kick-off of campaign season in September.