Sanders Draws Large Crowd, Continues Pressure on Clinton

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is removing all doubt about whether his newfound fame on the campaign trail is merely a flash in the political pan as he continues to extend the intrigue over his candidacy.

Having already blazed the trails in New Hampshire by pulling within single digits from Hillary Clinton’s massive lead in the Democrat field, Sanders moved on to Maine.

In a small town of only 66,000 residents, Sanders’ political rally in Portland drew a massive, near-capacity 7,500 crowd.

Unlike New Hampshire, the second among the ‘first in the nation’ primaries, Maine offers very little influence in the primary process given its small number of delegates to the Democrat convention.

But Sanders’ success there further highlights his appeal to voters in the traditionally Democrat stronghold of New England, and it further exposes the soft underbelly of Hillary’s status as the inevitable nominee.

A stronger position in the polls for Sanders only further invites Democrat opposition in the nomination fight and promises more foes on the debate stage with whom Hillary must contend.

At present, the official candidate list for the Democrats includes Hillary, Sanders, Martin O’Malley, Lincoln Chafee and most recently Jim Webb.