Watchdog Group Judicial Watch Presses for Hillary’s Server

(AP Photo/Brendon Smialowski, Pool)

A week after the State Department’s second release of Clinton emails, it became evident that Hillary and her staff had edited some of the records prior to turning them over to the department.

On the heels of new questions and speculation concerning the degree to which emails were edited, Judicial Watch — the non-profit oversight group who filed an original FOIA suit in May — is calling for the government to seize Hillary’s private server.

The challenge for the House Select Committee on Benghazi is a claim by Hillary attorney David Kendall back in March that Hillary’s home server was wiped clean after emails deemed by her to be relevant were turned over.

But Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton disputes that claim, arguing that the State Department is simply refusing to demand the server in order to protect Hillary’s campaign.

The ongoing scandal continues to offer political fodder for Republican efforts to raise doubts about Hillary’s trustworthiness and leadership.

According to polls in June, voters who approve of her candidacy cited leadership experience as the reason. The Republican National Committee believes that exploiting the scandal could significantly weaken those sentiments and provide an advantage for the GOP nominee in 2016.

More importantly, the public needs to know the truth.