State Department Releases More Clinton Emails, New Scandal Twists

The State Department released another 3,000 tranche of Clinton emails late in the evening yesterday in compliance with a federal judges previous order for monthly updates on a FOIA request.

Just hours after the release it became clear Hillary’s hopes of putting the private email server scandal behind her will not become a reality any time soon.

Among the multiple revelations, previous claims by White House officials that they were unaware of Hillary’s use of the private server were proved to be false.

Among the many email correspondence threads was communication between Hillary and then-White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and Obama’s Senior Adviser David Axelrod as early as 2009.

Equally questionable was the State Department’s decision to classify two dozen of the emails among the 55,000 submitted by Hillary, this despite her claim that none of what she had produced from her home-based email address was sensitive material.

This latest release continues the downward pressure on Hillary’s approval numbers as she continues being squeezed by an insurgent Bernie Sanders campaign in New Hampshire.