Indiana Governor Pence Threatens to Nullify Obama Climate Rules

President Obama’s legacy building campaign continues its roller coaster path to completion this week as he seeks to wrap up the final 18 months of his two-term tenure.

Already running a victory lap on Obamacare and same-sex marriage, the president’s impact on history, at least for the short term, is undeniable.

But the Court’s landmark ruling against the EPA this week is being seen as merely the first in a likely line of challenges to his top-tier goal of sweeping environmental regulations.

Several states are continuing challenges across multiple fronts in a direct confrontation with the Obama administration on proposed new EPA rules.

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence has fired a shot across the bow with an open letter to President Obama warning that if the new rule is not improved “Indiana will not comply.”

Pence’s declaration echoes a growing theme among governors and attorneys general who have in recent months made similar declarations regarding an over-reaching federal government which they argue poses direct usurpation of 10th Amendment rights.

Should Indiana follow through with nullification of the EPA’s rules, other states are likely to take the cue and refuse enforcement.