Walker-Rubio 2016?

With fewer than 60 days until the first official GOP primary debate in Ohio, speculation over the on-stage line-up continues to intensify as the crowded field tightens with each passing day.

The most obvious subjects of daily interest are: who is most likely to surpass whom in the polls and who is dominating the all-critical early primary states. But one consideration has yet to take center stage: the ideal GOP ticket.

The scattered speculation offered so far has centered on which duo might best energize the Republican Party while counter-balancing the strengths of a presumed Clinton ticket.

walkerfbSome suggest a ticket with a leading contender on top paired with Carly Fiorina as VP nominee.  This could cut into Hillary’s appeal to the female vote. Similarly, others suggest New Mexico Gov. Susana Martienz for her appeal to both the female and Hispanic voter population.

However, Scott Walker piqued interest with regards to a Walker/Rubio ticket in an interview this week. When asked for his thoughts on the idea, Walker indicated that he gets the question often but didn’t reject the notion.

According to weeks of consistent polls, Walker has been in a dead heat with Jeb Bush. Rubio is far and away the most popular second choice among Republican primary voters.