Obama Prepares Big Global Warming Campaign

With an appellate court having slapped down the White House’s petition to remove a lower court’s injunction on executive amnesty, President Obama appears eager to put all his effort on global warming regulation in the push for his legacy.

According to reports, the administration is readying a raft of regulatory plans aimed at further modifying greenhouse emissions across an array of economic segments. These modifications will present notable impacts on both cost and price within the struggling American economy.

This week, The EPA is expected to announce a proposal to cut emissions from commercial airliners. If implemented the move is likely to increase the cost of compliance for airliners, much like previous regulations did to the automotive industry.

The proposal anticipates an emissions cap on the trucking industry. It presents another cause and effect situation. If the proposal takes effect it will impact distribution costs on consumer goods yielding increased retail prices.

The agency is also expected to lay out rules for cutting methane emissions from both oil and gas operations. The rules are expected to take effect around the country at arguably the worst time in the industry, as they fight to cope with the historically low barrel prices.

Republican and Democrat opponents in Congress are pushing back, however, arguing that the administration has gone well beyond the limits of executive power, encroaching on territory reserved exclusively for Congress. They join a number of states’ governors already pushing back against the EPA’s overreach in what could become another epic battle over President Obama’s legacy.