Navy Pilots Criticize Administration on ISIS Strategy

    Pressure continues to mount on the Obama administration to retool its strategy in the War on Terror as ISIS claimed control of two key cities in Iraq and Syria.

    This week pressure comes from within. Some of the criticism of the administration’s tactics was aired by Navy pilots charged with targeting ISIS strongholds in the region.

    According to one pilot who has flown multiple missions against ISIS, there have been numerous occasions where he could not get official clearance to fire upon ISIS targets despite having fighters in sight.

    Lt. Gen. David Deptula (USAF-Retired) corroborated the criticism arguing the Obama administration is micro-managing the military which results in a meager 14 air strikes on ISIS per day. In contrast, the WOT ‘shock and awe’ campaign, under President Bush, saw 800 per day. Even President Clinton’s campaign in Kosovo authorized 135 strikes per day.