Fiorina Dazzles in South Carolina, Contrasts with Hillary

As previously reported, Carly Fiorina staged a brilliant media blitz in South Carolina yesterday designed specifically to upstage Hillary Clinton in Columbia and highlight her unwillingness to be open with media questions.

According to reports, Fiorina’s strategy was a profound success in which she ‘dazzled’.
Although her campaign had booked a visit to Columbia weeks ago, the serendipitous crossing of paths with Hillary offered a spotlight to draw further on the scandal-riddled former first lady.

Instead of condescending and dodging, Fiorina complimented members of the media for highlighting the fact that the Clinton Foundation did not adhere to its own standard of equal pay for women.

Pointing to the ongoing twin debacles concerning email servers and foundation donors, Fiorina pressed that the White House should be an institution of ‘transparency’ and ‘trustworthiness’.  According to Politico, Fiorina’s “words were blunt” when she presented the question “how can we trust Mrs. Clinton.”

Fiorina pushed back at the suggestion that she is simply the GOP’s surrogate for attacking Hillary on the campaign trail. She argued that her campaign has been much more than the failure of the former Secretary of State.

Despite the growing intrigue over her candidacy and her ability to woo crowds with smart rhetoric, Fiorina still lags in 12th place according to RCP’s polling average. Whether she will earn a spot in the early debates still remains in question.