Walker Wins Big on Capitol Hill

According to numerous Republicans in Congress, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker ‘dazzled’ in his multiple meetings this week with nearly 100 members both in groups and in one-on-one confabs.

Staffers planned a Capitol Hill blitz in hopes of adding official credibility—and perhaps a few endorsements—as a part of Walker’s strategy to remain atop many of the key primary polls ahead of the summer’s political doldrums.

Among the glowing reviews of his various meetings, Tea Party favorite Sen. Mike Lee reported that he “went in a little doubtful and came away impressed” with Walker’s performance.

Proving effective in spanning the ideological divide, a more moderate Congressman Tom Cole left his meeting with Walker declaring he had “knocked it out of the park” and his colleagues “were awfully impressed with his record.”

According to the RCP polling average, Walker is tied for second place with Sen. Marco Rubio in the national polls at 13%, just two points behind Jeb Bush. However in Iowa, Walker leads the field with 17%. His closest competitor, Rubio, falls a full five points behind with 12% of the vote.

Similarly in New Hampshire, where both Bush and Paul are expected to fare much better, Walker also leads the field in the polling average by at least three points. Walker also leads the field in the polling average by at least three points. And rounding out the first three primary states is the more GOP establishment-state South Carolina where Walker is in a statistical dead-heat with Bush as the two trade for the lead in alternate polls.