GOP Pushes Back Against Release of Internet Control

The Obama administration’s plan to release U.S. control over the Internet to international authorities has hit some roadblocks this week. Congress Republican members indicate concern with regards to details of the release.

The U.S. Commerce Department, which oversees the contract with the governing body ICANN, will theoretically hand over the reigns to an independent advisory group in September of next year, according to Obama’s plan.

However, preparations for the hand-off are not lining up Roll Call’s Shawn Zeller reports. This
may push the deadline to later in the year or perhaps to 2017. Republican leaders are demanding to see the plan’s specifications and voice concerns over the lack of mechanisms to guarantee a safe transition.

Ranking member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee InteRep. Joe Barton (R-TX) questioned in a recent hearing, “Who’s going to be there when something goes wrong?” executives offered testimony indicating future problems with international control of the Internet by the United Nations. They reported an application for the ‘.amazon’ domain was blocked by international protests, despite the United States holding control over the process.