Senate Republicans Save Obamatrade

A day after a failed vote on cloture for the bill that proposes fast-track approval on trade deals, Senate Republicans rallied to revive the measure that President Obama hopes will give him a green light on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TTP).

However, optimism for the bill within Senate may quickly be removed, The Washington Post speculates. House Democrats appear to be even more strongly united against fast-tracking authority than their Senate counterparts.

Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) warned the White House that efforts to advance the measure in the House “will be even harder.” Experts believe the TPP deal with 11 other trade nations could be dead-on-arrival without fast-tracking authority.

What’s more, Obama took additional fire from the leftfor his criticism of Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Warren has been the most outspoken critic of TPP. She argues it inimical to American jobs and union interests.