Hillary Will Push to Expand Amnesty

Taking advantage of the Mexican holiday at yesterday’s Cinco de Mayo celebration in Las Vegas, Hillary Clinton vowed that as President she would work to extend Obama’s efforts to usher illegal immigrants into a path of legalization.

Hillary mentioned she will review detention center policies and make recommendations on free legal counsel to those navigating the process of executive amnesty. Her ultimate goal is to grant “a path to full and equal citizenship” for most illegal immigrants.

In a campaign short on specific issue rhetoric, her comments signal that she is ready to make the issue a key plank in her race for the White House. But, depending on the GOP’s nominee, it is not guaranteed to be a fight.

At least three of the Republican party hopefuls have endorsed some similar means to legalizing immigrants. Marco Rubio spearheaded the infamous Gang of Eight bill. Both Jeb Bush and Lindsey Graham have given full-throated support to a plan not much different from what Hillary espoused.

What’s more, navigating the waters of American sentiment on the issue of immigration could prove more daunting than answering barbs from opposing candidates.

While many polls suggest the majority favoring a specifically to the path of legalization, a clear majority opposes any policy that encourages a greater influx of illegal immigration. The majority also opposes illegal immigration in general.