Technology Continues to Disrupt 2016 Election Cycle

The 2008 election cycle saw media used in ways never employed by politics. Both Facebook and Twitter changed the nature of campaigns and both the means of communication and coverage on the election cycle.

This cycle could see the rise of snapchat as the next game changer in the political arena. The previously dismissed American youth fad has now become the fastest growing application word-wide. It has grown popular due to its ability to send messages without a paper trail

Last week Snapchat announced it had tapped veteran CNN political reporter Peter Hammy to lead the news operation for the app. Although no details have been released, some speculate Snapchat is preparing to break into the political market. With its 100 million youth-heavy users, Snapchat may have some leverage to make it happen.

“Discover,” the apps newest feature, allows media partners to create channels to media stories to their audience. This feature could hint to a news cycle evolution in the media landscape dominated by paper and broadcast only a short time ago.