As Hillary Hides, O’Malley Could Come From Behind

This week marks the longest span of time in which Hillary Clinton has gone without a media interview. The silence from her ‘every-man’ listening tour, since her launch two weeks ago, is deafening.

Stu Rothenberg, who coined the phrase ‘Republican wave’ in last year’s election, speculates that Hillary could be exhibiting many of the same problems that plagued Mitt Romney’s primary campaign in 2012.

Similar to Romney, Hillary boasts an unbeatable campaign war chest. She has a very well organized infrastructure and support from her institutional party. Despite all of these bonafides, her inability to woo the party hardliners may be an Achilles heel.

As Hillary continues to languish, former Baltimore Mayor turned Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley capitalizes on both her undying scandals and inability to connect with progressive voters.

The race for the Democrat nomination has anticipated a degree of inevitability for Hillary and, according to Rothenberg, that still may be the case. The overall outlook has less to do with Hillary’s assets and more to do with her lack of credible opposition.

If Martin O’Malley takes advantage of his progressive credibility and raises enough money to continue pulling supporters from the Clinton-scandal fallout, Hillary’s victory could be a result merely of the ‘first woman president’ card.