U.S. Warship Heads to Gulf, Showdown With Iran

While the ‘good deal’ with Iran still languishes in the murky waters of international intrigue, congressional pressure continues to mount in what one U.S. Senator indicated were ‘almost certain’ conditions for killing the proto-agreement.

Despite the tentative nature of Iran negotiations, the Obama administration has ordered Navy aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt to Yemen’s cost.

The Department of Navy officials indicated the moved as both an act of deterrence and display of force. However, some argue that the move was out of opposition to Iranian support for jihadist groups. These groups stand within a region that continues to threaten the destabilization of the Sunni Arab world.

The White House was mum on the specifics of the move. However, analysts suggest that is its the first among many steps to escalate the U.S. role in the region to support the Saudi Arabian push against the Shiite upheaval.

If the administration’s move causes a backlash from Iran, the Obama administration may have to choose between a stabilizing the Arabian peninsula and the nuclear deal with Iran.