BROWN TOWN: CA residents complain over water cuts

California’s plan to cut water consumption by 35% percent has hit a nerve with both urban water representative and advocacy groups. Many individuals prompt agencies and state officials alike, asking them to reconsider their decision.
The plans point of contention is implementation. Achieving such a lofty plan, in a short amount of time, is almost impossible, as the L.A. Times reports:
“Representatives of urban water suppliers and advocacy groups from across the state have criticized a plan from state water regulators that would force some to cut water consumption by as much as 35% over the next year.

“In more than¬†200 letters to the State Water Resources Control Board released Wednesday, some agencies urged state officials to reconsider how they would implement the mandatory ¬†statewide water-use cut that Gov. Jerry Brown ordered this month.

“Many communities called on the board to consider its previous water conservation efforts when setting a reduction target. Other cities said their population data was skewed by an influx of seasonal residents. A few questioned whether their reduction targets were fair, even amid a persistent drought.”

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