Hillary Launch Stumbles Out of the Gate

True to campaign predictions, Hillary Clinton officially announced for president on Sunday, first via Twitter then via an email and video, but it came with a less-than-exemplary start at two and half hours late.

In the press email delivered to reporters just before the official tweet, the text declared that Hillary has ‘fought children and families all her career,’ causing supporters to question whether it could foreshadow future gaffes.

Similarly, the campaign promoted Hillary’s announcement video which featured a long line of ordinary Americans pressing ahead in their lives. The video had technical issues as well.

The official campaign Youtube channel to which the campaign had linked was not a live account yet with an error message displaying “This channel is not available.”

What’s more, the campaign website — perhaps intentionally — offered a glaring void of any real substance with no bio or issue positions, omissions which are sure to fuel criticism from opponents that Hillary has no agenda beyond herself.

Despite the missteps, the campaign promised an aggressive grassroots start in Iowa this week where Hillary will make her first live kick-off at a smaller, more intimate setting as a part of a multi-county listening tour.

In a preview of the coming year, Republican candidates were quick to pounce on the the Democrats’ presumed nominee.

Former HP CEO and presumed GOP candidate Carly Fiorina spoke out about Hillary in a Facebook video, reminding viewers of Clinton’s multiple mistakes as Secretary of State. “[Hillary] doesn’t have a track record of leadership or trustworthiness” she said, “she’s not the woman for the White House.”