Hillary Flags as Warren Gains in NH

As news broke of the request for testimony of Hillary Clinton by the House Select Committee on Benghazi amid the ongoing Servergate scandal, the Boston Herald released its latest poll on sentiments in New Hampshire.

According the poll’s results which concluded last week, Clinton’s popularity among voters in the second primary state have dropped decidedly below the halfway mark having fallen from a high in other national polls near 70%.

The Boston Herald revealed that 47% of New Hampshire’s Democrats would vote for Clinton if the presidential election were held now. The number is still a significant lead over all other potential candidates, but the trend line is not good news for Camp Hillary. The RealClearPolitics average holds Clinton and Warren at 55.8% and 17.8% respectively.

Despite her insistence on not running for president, CIB030515-ClintonSen. Elizabeth Warren has risen steadily from the low teens to a high-point of 22%, which marks an increase in 4 points in as many weeks.

Meanwhile, Gov. Martin O’Malley has been increasingly barnstorming throughout the early primary states to great fanfare. His numbers in the poll represent a mere 1%, but it also marks an increase from virtual invisibility only a few weeks ago.

Other potential Democrat candidates included in the poll were Vice President Joe Biden (10%), Andrew Cuomo (4%), Bernie Sanders (8%) and Jim Webb (<1%). Surprisingly, only 5% of voters indicated they are unsure who they might support in the race despite that no one has announced yet.