Obama Turns to the UN to Force Israeli-Palestinian Deal

The United States, Israeli’s longstanding and most critical ally, has routinely blocked the UN Security Council from forcing a resolution between the Jewish state and the Palestinian authority that would almost certainly result in a two-state solution.

On the eve of the election, Netanyahu vowed in a public statement that, while serving as Prime Minister, he would never allow the creation of a Palestinian State, a marked reversal of his previous support of the idea.

The declaration is largely being seen as a challenge to the Obama administration, and it’s one the administration has signaled it will answer, reports Foreign Policy. Previous statements from State Department officials indicated that the U.S. would veto any efforts to force a resolution until after the Israeli elections were concluded.

Having realized no direct path to a resolution between the Palestinian Authority and a center-left Israeli government, the U.S. may simply choose to abstain in any eventual vote in the Security Council which would all but guarantee a United Nations-led campaign against Israel.