Texans Cool on Ted Cruz?

Though all indications are that he continues to build a presidential campaign operation, Sen. Ted Cruz isn’t getting much love from the polls and the media – not even in his home state of Texas.

According to a recent Univ. of Texas/Tribune poll, the 25-point lead Cruz commanded in Texas in October has disappeared. The poll reveals a statistical tie between Cruz and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker at 20-19.

Meanwhile, Jeb Bush’s numbers in the state of his childhood and in which his family still resides, hugs the floor at 9% along with Ben Carson and two-term Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

On the Democrat side of the ledger, Hillary Clinton unsurprisingly carries a 62% favorability to Elizabeth Warren’s 12%, a reflection of the most recent numbers around the country.

Ted Cruz’s 2016 popularity average on RealClearPolitics has also dwindled over the past six months, correlating with Mike Huckabee’s and Ben Carson’s respective boosts in favor.