The Big Fight: Walker vs. Bush?

The suggestion just 30 days ago that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker would be trailing Jeb Bush in the RCP Polling Average by only a few points would have been considered laughable.

But now with polls emerging in all the early primary states, Walker continues to keep pace with the former Florida governor despite Bush’s raising tens of millions in as many days. Walker currently holds the lead in Iowa and New Hampshire by an RCP Average of 3.5 and 0.4 percentage points, respectfully.

That Walker has beaten back a very well funded, union-based Democrat machine three times in four years and that he has successfully reformed the decidedly blue state in his single term as governor is a light of hope to Republicans who have otherwise written off blue states as unwinnable.

The problem now for Walker is whether he can hold on to his surge for a full year before the first primaries are concluded. Recent gaffes and an ill-timed fight with universities in Wisconsin threaten to undo his underdog-juggernaut campaign before it even gets off the runway.