GOP Hints That 16K Lois Lerner Emails Implicate White House

Only days after an inspector general’s office denied a request from The Hill for communication records between the IRS and the White House, Republican Senators have revealed that as many as 16,000 emails between the now infamous lead IRS agent Lois Lerner and administration officials may implicate The White House in the scandal.

After the IRS reported that Lerner’s hard drive and emails had mysteriously been destroyed, the inspector general’s office was able to recover more than 80,000 emails from which a large percentage offer relevant information in the on-going investigation into the scandal.

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) detailed in a Fox News interview that several Senate committees have already been tasked with poring over the emails to discern who in the administration was communicating with Lerner as well as the subject matter of those communications.

Johnson implied of what the committees expect to find in the emails in the coming weeks,

“I smell a rat. I smell a number of rats, and that’s what we are going to get to the bottom of.”

He is optimistic that they will be able to glean through the emails and have any results within the next few months.