Executive Amnesty Allows Illegal Immigrants to Vote

In testimony this week offered by election officials during congressional hearings, President Obama’s push for executive amnesty will create a ‘loophole’ in election regulations. The oversight could allow for illegal immigrants to easily register and vote in upcoming elections, The Washington Times reported.

In many states, voters must present some form of identification, usually a driver’s license or social security card, when registering to vote or when obtaining an actual ballot at the polls. Given that a key element of the president’s amnesty proposal is a provision to provide illegal immigrants both with driver’s licenses and social security numbers, illegal voting is a certainty.

The problem comes in that registration drives by both parties ahead of a major election create an influx of registration forms to the respective offices of the Secretaries of State, therefore verifying the legality of all those registrants is an incomparably difficult task.

Secretaries of State for Ohio and Kansas both warned that the loophole for illegal voting cannot be prevented and that there is a “guarantee it will happen.”