White House Refuses to Release IRS Targeting Documents

Just weeks after new revelations of the ongoing IRS targeting scandal in which the White House was implicated, The Hill filed a Freedom of Information Act request for over 500 documents.

Nearly two years after the scandal broke in which it was revealed that IRS lead agent Lois Lerner collaborated and conspired to target conservative political action groups, The Hill is specifically seeking email correspondence between the White House and the IRS that may shed light on “who knew what and when.”

Unsurprisingly, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration has refused both the initial request and The Hill’s appeal to the rejection citing “interagency communication and personal privacy.”

Judicial Watch filed suit against the federal government in December seeking 832 documents pertaining to communication between the IRS and the Justice Department, in which a judge ruled against the administration.

The DOJ has promised a final report with recommendations on its investigation of the IRS scandal, but to-date no member of the agency has been charged with illegality despite Lois Lerner’s having admitted publicly to using “inappropriate criteria.”

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) quipped of the matter, “It’s par for the course. We’ve had a difficult time getting information from the IRS and the Department of Justice.”