John Kerry for President?

With Hillary continuing the lead the prospective Democrat field by a long stretch, many are beginning to wonder if there is a candidate at all who might mount a credible challenge.

This weekend there emerged an unexpected possibility. In an NBC News interview with Chuck Todd, Secretary of State John Kerry was asked directly whether there is “any scenario that [he] would run for president in 2016”.

Kerry didn’t rule out the option, but did say he wasn’t planning a bid.: “I have no scenario whatsoever in my mind. I haven’t thought about it. As you can tell, I’m pretty busy.”

Kerry’s relative success as Secretary, as compared to his predecessor, Hillary Clinton. Her bungled term was capped off by the events at Benghazi and Kerry could outshine Hillary Clinton as a potential race to the White House in 2016.

Though Kerry has not been included in any of the polls to-date, his performance and ultimate Democrat nomination in 2004 could pose a serious threat to a Hillary candidacy that has yet to demonstrate an answer to the questions, “Why Hillary? Why now?”